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V.T.: Your advice is like bitter medicine that you do not like the taste of, but that you really need.

Anonymous: I would like to thank you for the piece of advice that you posted on 22 September 2012. It is the reason why our third child has come into the world – our little daughter 🙂 We contemplated the possibility of having a third child for a long time, but our brains simply didn’t let us. Having read your post, all of my doubts disappeared and my husband agreed. The birth of our daughter has noticeably improved the relationship between my husband and I, it has become much more loving. We are more attentive to each other’s needs. Your post via Tomas Girdzijauskas: The attitude young women have that one child and quality of life is better than 10 children should be corrected. Indeed, the only thing that a child needs is the following:

A) most importantly, a loving relationship between parents 

B) many brothers and sisters

C) to be taught how to live independently once the child leaves its parents’ home – not material things.

S.M.:  [Thank you] for your reply to my question about a woman’s support/inspiration for a man. Thank you. You cannot even imagine. In general, what you do is incredible. This is a priceless gift to each person that discovers you and has the courage to ask a question. Over those months I thought a lot about the right way a woman should behave with a man who has never known his father, who was raised by a careless mother, and was never taught to fulfil the duties of a man… My boyfriend and I travelled around a lot recently (and, of course, many things come to the surface when travelling), and I understood that you were right in everything you said, however, applying those truths in practice is a great, long and very difficult task. It is as if the greatest, most difficult and at the same time the most WONDERFUL project in life is creating a happy family. I understood that, indeed, my boyfriend’s behaviour is VERY much influenced by my behaviour, and that patience, great gentleness, controlling your emotions, trust and Belief does wonders – however small these wonders may seem sometimes. The further I go, the more I am certain that this person, with all of his bad sides, his ignorance and confusion, is who I value the most in life, and whose every effort to change strengthens this belief (and he RECOGNISES, WANTS and TRIES to change, which, in my opinion, is the most important thing).

From the Taikomosios Ezoterikos Dirbtuvės (Workshop for Applied Esoterica) Facebook page: I wholeheartedly recommend following this great teacher of our times. I have been to more than one, more than two and even more than six of Tomas’ seminars. This is a person of extraordinary intelligence and erudition, capable of communicating experience acquired over many years in a quick, easy, clear and appealing manner. His seminars about the power of words have truly helped me alter the course of my life very drastically – to a much brighter, peaceful and conscious reality.

Fotografas: Tomas is a living legend.

Dainora: Your advice is golden.

Dovilė: In 2011, I participated in your seminar about relationships between partners. And now, after some time has passed, I would like to thank you for your ideas. My attitude towards my family changed by 180 degrees, and now we apply your advice in our family. Two pieces of advice had an especially big influence on us: 1) young families should not step two steps backward and live badly now, so they could live well later. 2) you do not have to wait for any kind of special conditions to give birth to a child. Wonderful advice that has made our lives much more colourful:) Thank you for your work!

Šarūnas NavickisA psychologist of great common sense is a rarity, but it seems that Tomas Jonas Girdzijauskas is exactly that! I would also like to note that a psychologically healthy person’s thoughts are certainly going to irritate the sick ones, who, of course, do not consider themselves as such.

Juozas, Kauno Diena reader: I will certainly look for the answer – Tomas Girdzijauskas is one of the most erudite individuals in present Lithuania, he is an equal to Maceina and Šalkauskis. His words are true and fair.

Jūratė G.: Thank you for your great work. You have given us the greatest lessons in life!

Rasa B.: I would like to thank you for helping me take a different look at the relationships between men and women with your ideas and advice. They truly helped improve my relationship with my husband and they have made life easier.

Laura: I attended Mr. Girdzijauskas’ lecture entitled “For Women About Men” and I was very pleased with the outcome. Though several years have passed, I still feel the useful consequences of this lecture on my personal life.

Rita L: Your studies of modern-day relationships are priceless and very much needed.

Robertas V.: Hello, Tom. I would like to give you my respect – you are a truly wise and unique person.

Roberta A.: I hope you will continue to be a great inspiration to others!

Anonymous from [I would like to] say a heartfelt thank you to you:)for your answers. This is like a free knowledge bank for us 🙂 The information you have provided us with has shown us the Direction we should head in or has even led us onto the right Path… THANK YOU!

Goda B.: Having watched your “For Women About Men” and “The ABC of Communication between Men and Women” seminars, I am now filled with an unlimited dose of inspiration to nurture, value and protect my relationship with my partner even more. I am very grateful that Mr. Girdzijauskas did not only present his seminars, he also gave us the opportunity to seek his counsel and gave thorough answers to all of our questions, explaining everything very comprehensively. Thank you!

Tomas. K from Klaipėda: Hello. Great article on the Bernardinai website. You are a great discovery for me.

Virginijus Dauzvardis: Tomas is the best lecturer on the subject of relationships between men and women.

VIP anonymous: I would like to thank you for the subjects that you write and speak about. One aspect might be of interest to you: I kept reading about envy, judgement and so on. And the things I was reading didn’t convince me. I thought that what you had written was simply fluff. HOWEVER, I started working with an intense program on myself, and it helped me lift some of the envy. I started to physically feel how my envy would switch on and block any energy that I had or could create, AND I realised that I had not understood or been touched by what you had written because of one simple reason: when a fish is under water, it cannot understand that it is under water. It can only understand being in water once it has been hauled ashore. When a person is in a state of envy or any other negative emotion, and they have not ever been in a clean state of consciousness/energy, it is difficult to sense the envy, to see yourself from a different perspective… So when somebody says that they do not feel envy, they simply can’t see that they are swimming around in it. Tom, thank you for the work you do. . It took me 3-4 years to finally arrive at this understanding…

Martynas K. I attended Tomas’ “The Power of Words” seminar and I evaluate his professionalism with the highest mark.

Rimantė P. I really like his lectures. They are to the point.

Regimantas K. from the seminar on Self-Confidence: Continue with the work you have started – educating people. For many people you are the first window into such old and deep knowledge and an escape from being stuck in the noise of today.

Paulius D. from the seminar on Self-Confidence: Though this was my first time attending such a seminar, I really liked it. The seminar lived up to international standards (I have had the chance to participate in a few international events of such a nature).

Stasė Mickutė: Dear Tomas, I admire you greatly: your great eloquence, the subject matter of your seminars – all of this is very much needed in today’s society. I have known your work for a long time. I have watched your elegance and class, which is in no doubt related to your knowledge of the ethics of communication, etiquette and spirituality. This is all great. Best of luck to you.

Monika R., Palanga: I am very happy to have purchased your audio book on the ABC of Communication between Men and Women. Everything is presented very clearly, your insights are very deep. It is the truth that opens your eyes, makes you think about everything and inspires you to change. Thank you! I hope you continue to bring us joy because what you do is incredibly relevant and useful!

Irena R.: Thank you… I heard you speak for the first time on the radio, as I drove in my car… I will never forget it… you spoke from the heart… I got exactly the information that I needed most at the time… it is a pleasure to be able thank you and wish you luck… your work is much needed… :)))

A Canadian: When I first lay my hands on the seminar CDs about successful relationships I was surprised at how accurate, specific and fair the guidelines you presented were. I was charmed by the specific and consistent presentation of the material. I am one of Tomas’ greatest admirers. I am sure that this person will be talked about beyond the borders of Lithuania as well!

Gražina N.: A wonderful seminar. Tomas Girdzijauskas is a person who knows what he is talking about and can present information clearly. After this seminar and after thinking about things for a while, I have started to changed my actions and this has, in turn, started to return harmony to my family. Thank you.

Lina K:. As I listened to the seminar, there were certainly some points that I didn’t agree with. But as I returned in my thoughts to the statements that the lecturer made, I realised I had strayed from the path…

Paulius P.: Though the seminar was meant for women, I decided to participate just to see what this man would have to say to them. Having listened to both parts, I realised that I had discovered quite a lot of useful information. Tomas Girdzijauskas reminded me of the long-forgotten and confused roles of men and women. We watched the seminars a second time together with my wife. We are very grateful.

Dalia: Hello. I would like to attend all of your seminars, however, I am not from Vilnius. It would be very good if recordings of your seminars could be available. I think many people would be pleased if such an option existed. Think about how this could be done. One only has to start thinking about something to make it come true… Thank you. We will be waiting for a positive outcome. Good luck to you…

Regina B: Your ideas about relationships could be a bible for young people.

Tomas: There aren’t many people in this world that spread such incredibly important information.

Arturas G.: Few have the ability to cover such tremendous amounts of information.

Povilas: The further I go, the more I value your mission in preparing such documents, accumulating ideas and searching for solutions for Lithuania. I have genuine admiration for your efforts and your sacrifice.

Darius A.: Tomas Jonas, your educational work is very important. Everything is changing – slowly and a bit too late, but it’s changing nonetheless – and you have contributed a great deal personally. This is a great example of how one individual, devoted to a noble goal, can raise the nation at the most difficult of times. You have insight, you see both the past and the future and you give yourself with purpose. Such role models are presently hard to find. So our hopes rest on you. The tragedy of Lithuania is that we don’t have people like Kudirka or Basanavičius anymore.

Jolanta S.: Your perspective on many subjects is very interesting. You encourage us to look at these thing from a completely unexpected vantage point. Your questions are seemingly simple, but they provoke us into revising our outlooks and attitudes.

Egidija: As a young person that seeks to achieve much more than a great (if not greater) part of the youth today, I am full of admiration for your work. When I have the opportunity, I always watch your web seminars and read your articles. I really think that what you are teaching could help young people understand themselves, their environment and other people better as well as help them grow in a suitable fashion.

Veronika J.: Dear Tomas Girdzijauskas, I would like to thank you for this seminar. I look forward to the next one. I have heard more than once about you from my friends. However, only now have I had the chance to participate in your seminar in person. I hope that you spread your knowledge as far as possible and God bless you.

Nijolė G.: I attend various seminars. But this person completely enthralled me. I hadn’t heard such truth and clarity for a long time. The second part of the seminar was like a relationship bible.

Daiva A.: You are brave and you aren’t afraid of stating your opinion, especially when the topic revolves around relationships between men and women.

Simonas T.: One lecture of yours left me with an indelible impression and influenced an entire series of changes in my communication with my close ones and friends… Anger management.

Birutė J.: One seminar of yours was all that it took for us to have a fourth child. So when will the next one take place in Lithuania? Perhaps it might result in another one or two children – that’s something…

E913: A very good webinar (about men). The one about men for women was good, and this one was just superb. It turns out that we don’t know a lot about ourselves and we don’t educate ourselves either.

Lina: Thank you. I am pleased to see that you don’t mind giving more of your time than is arranged.

Ilona Viz: Your seminars are fantastic. I listened to one once and I liked it very much. They are really worth our attention. Thank you for doing what you do because you teach people things that need to be learned – this is the school of life.

Jurgita: Thank you. This was a wonderful lesson.

Moteris: Thank you for a great webinar (for women about men and themselves on 12 January 2012,Vilnius)! I listened to presenter Tomas Girdzijauskas so intently that I couldn’t even let myself breathe – great enlightenment and essential knowledge changes our fates for the better.

Laura (webinar about dating 10/11/2011): Thank you. It was a pleasure listening to someone that has such a multi-faceted understanding.

Dianadaug: I really liked the seminar that took place on 12 December (2010). Thank you!

Ieva: A wonderful, educated, interesting person that knows what he is talking about. I ran into him completely accidentally and he gave me a lot to think about. Thank you!

Rasa: A wonderful erudite individual. It would be an honour for me if I could talk to him and share a few new ideas with him. I am a social pedagogue at a children’s home and I have many ideas and practical know-how about how to fix the demographic situation in LITHUANIA.

Kristina Kupryte: Thank you, Tomas, for giving some great seminars in Šiauliai. You are not only a wise man, but you are a genius at communicating information to the public. And another thing – you are also a great example of humanity 🙂 Respect.

The employees of the Joniškis Municipality Administration attended a seminar led by lecturer and erudite Tomas Jonas Girdzijauskas. The many civil servants who had assembled were presented a lecture on personal life management, conflict management, solving problems, politics and other aspects of life. This was the first time the Joniškis District Municipality had invited such a professional lecturer. There are plans to invite Tomas Jonas Girdzijauskas for another seminar in the future. Information from the Department of Public Relations

Skaistė G.: The seminar was truly great and interesting. In an abstract sense, everyone knows about the power of words, but I had never encountered such a comprehensive and motivated view on the subject. And even though the topic is relatively simple, I still found out something new and it made me think a lot about things that I don’t usually place much emphasis on in daily life. Thank you, Tomas. We look forward to hearing your opinion on other relevant topics in life.

Nijolė Č.B.: A very interesting seminar (the power of words)!

Dovilė P.: A very interesting topic (the power of words) and a very interesting seminar as well!

Jolanta Pavardenė: You can command the attention of a huge audience due to your personal charm and experience.

Artūras D: I have watched a few of your seminars online and I have listened to your audio files as well. I really liked them – they left me with a great impression. I would like to thank you for these fundamental truths.

Jūratė: “I wanted to thank you for what was, in my opinion, a well-prepared and well-organised seminar (The Psychology of Money). It led to a lot of the answers that I had found within myself independently. This seminar simply confirmed them. I hope that this is not the last time we see you in such a seminar. Thank you once again.”

Jūratė : “The presenter keeps to the points (6-18) that he identifies, which is why his presentation is very convincing. It is also very interesting because everything is presented from a different perspective. Though money was the central theme of the seminar (The Psychology of Money), the focus was on the people themselves. I am very pleased to have attended the seminar. Thank you.”

Laurynas: A high-class seminar (The Psychology of Money), and a competent presenter.”

Simona: “As I listened to the seminar a new kind of… understanding was born, consciousness awakened as did an urge to do something. I gained many new insights, so I’ll be waiting for our next encounter!”

Jolita: “Thank you for your lesson. The effect is incredible! This information is relevant to absolutely all women. I hope everyone gets to experience the advantages of getting to know the fundamental truths and achieving quality of life.”

Inesa: “My overall impression was very positive. I am very happy that such seminars and people have emerged. I think this information should be introduced in schools! I have personally learned many things that have opened my eyes, and I would really like to study them even deeper. Thank you very much.”

Beatričė: “I am grateful for the extraordinary knowledge you imparted upon us. I feel as if you are leading us forward.”

Svečias 2009.11.09: Hello. I am very curious to know whether this seminar (The ABC of Relationships between Men and Women) is going to be organised in Klaipėda? The families (couples) of the Klaipėda region would truly be delighted. For we cannot come over from, for example, Nida to Vilnius or Panevėžys, even if we really wanted to – we just don’t have such a possibility.

Ingrida Z.: I participated in that seminar (for women). I liked it very much. It is very important to know these things, to understand each other, so that we can get to know our partners. This is very interesting. Thank you, Tomas.

Gedas: Indeed, thank you very much for your contribution and the knowledge you have imparted. I always make every effort to read or listen to what you have to say. I have attended your seminars as well. The result is that I am almost on the brink of getting married. Thank you very much.

Rima K: Thank you for doing what you do!!! Your lectures are priceless!

Kristina V., on the subject of Get Rich Slowly or the Psychology of Money: I wanted to thank you for a great seminar. You captivated my attention for 8 hours, despite the fact that it was a Sunday.

Aleksandra: I was given the gift of attending your seminar “For women about men and themselves”. I am very grateful, I hung on to every word…:) Later, I thought long and hard about what I had heard… I found a lot of answers for myself. I think that as many people as possible should attend these seminars – on a compulsory basis… Now I will try to at least share what I got from you with my daughters.
I look forward to other seminars of yours…

Brigita B: Thank you very much for doing what you do. Life has become much easier living by the guidelines you have emphasised. This is the deepest and most interesting knowledge that gives life meaning. Best of luck and see you in your next lecture.”

Participants of lectures for men and women: I liked it because my family is in a similar situation. I think this lecture gave me what was still missing in my family.

Participants of lectures for men and women: “I liked it very much. It seems you know so much, but once you hear Tom’s systematised information, the things you know take on another meaning and direction.”

Participants of lectures for men and women: “Lecturer Tomas Girdzijauskas has amassed a great amount of experience and knowledge. His erudition allows him to objectively defend/comment the observations of the listeners.”

Participants of lectures for men and women: “The lecture was useful because it centred around what is most important (I can’t always formulate everything as clearly even for myself).”

Participants of lectures for men and women: “The presenter lives according to the truths he speaks and that is very convincing. He has a great command of public speaking. Deep knowledge. 

Ieva Z.: Oh… it’s such a pity that the timing is inconvenient for me…😦 I have heard such great/good feedback about this presenter. I hope everyone comes away with great impressions!

Jolita S.: Thank you for yesterday’s great lesson (Evening Course for Women). The effect was incredible! This information is relevant to absolutely all women. I hope everyone gets to experience the advantages of knowing fundamental truths and achieving quality of life. Best wishes. Until our next meeting!

D.M.: I am full of admiration and excitement from the seminar (for men). I realise that all of the subjects are important, but the first topic about authority, strategy and wisdom was the most interesting, perhaps because I have taken little interest in this area in the past or because these areas are subdued in me in one way or another. It seems that this area of mine was awakened yesterday.

Tadas: I have heard a lot of great feedback from many people saying that you are one of the best and most interesting seminar presenters in Lithuania.

Liudas: About a year ago you presented a lecture to employees of the ministry at a country house. I have to admit that the lectures were truly very professional and left an indelible impression.

Eglė: A lot of great feedback has been circulating about you.

Participant of a bachelorette party: I wanted to thank you so much for giving up your precious time to provide us with indescribably valuable information. I really liked the lecture 🙂  Knowledge is great nourishment for the soul. Thank you very much once again! Sincerely, Lina. 05/2010

Andrius: I am absolutely charmed by all the information and the organisation of the event. I dare say that you have an erudite and professional attitude as well as determination to successfully accumulate, organise and bring ideas to life. The letters show that you put a lot of effort into systematising the information.

Roma Macijauskaitė-Kesminiene (senior editor at I have been to several of your seminars which I liked very much indeed 🙂 I participated in “Love, desire and passion” as well as the general lecture at the end of the year. I benefited from all of the seminars, especially the first and second one. I would like to participate in a continuation of “Love, desire and passion”, if such a thing were to take place. I have heard especially good feedback about the lecture on managing emotions…

Andrejus: My wife and I participated in your “Psychology of Sex” seminar. We liked it very much. We are grateful to you! We liked the depth and the reasoning behind the information we received. The average Lithuanian citizen is surely not aware of such resources.

Aurimas and Rūta: Hello. We would like to express our gratitude for the great seminar and the information we were provided with – it was very valuable and interesting!!! During the seminar you mentioned that you look forward to our feedback, so we would like to say that, in our opinion, the seminars would be much more effective and influential if you could provide more examples from your personal experience: how this knowledge that you have amassed has changed your own life and/or influenced the lives of others, how it has helped solve certain situations or problems. Thank you for giving us your precious time, and we hope that your knowledge brings happiness and joy into your household as well as the households of your audiences!

Rokas: I have seen you on several television shows and your philosophy has made a great impression on me.

Arūnas D.: You have a wide audience and you command a lot of influence.

Ugnė Skinderskė: About the concentration and presentation of material in your seminar – yes, the material was very concentrated. You were very generous with the amount of information you gave. At least that is the impression I came away with. Your seminar stood out from seminars I have attended in the past. Perhaps it was just a lucky coincidence? Perhaps I have too little experience with these things 🙂 Usually you only get a sprinkling of useful information and the rest is just fluff used for creating an impression, so that a person would come back for more and more. Want to know what’s next? Come and you’ll find out 🙂 After the seminar, my husband and I discussed that it reminded us more of charity. In the

sense that a huge amount of raw material was presented, and you take in however much your brain can take in, but this is an individual thing I expect 🙂 Or the great impression was created by this abundance itself – I don’t know 🙂 I also really liked that the seminar covered crucial points in concentrated form (as much as could have been covered in a day) and then you could pick a subject of your own choice. If you are interested in a specific area and want to delve deeper into it (passion, parenting, etc.), then you can choose to attend the seminars that cover the specific subject areas that interest you most. And not the other way around: in order to get a general idea of things (even a very abstract idea) you have to attend an entire cycle of seminars. About changing your attitude – you inevitably adjust your attitude if you are capable of controlling your reactions of rejection. I’m not saying that everything suddenly came together. It will probably only come together over the entire course of life, I don’t know. I had many questions to ask, but even now I couldn’t formulate them suitably. I’ve got myself a pile of books, I’ll try to delve deeper and see. I am very interested in parenting (though we don’t have any children yet) and, of course, other things as well. Well, either way, I would like to say thank you.

Juozas, reader of Kauno Diena: I will certainly look for the answer – Tomas Girdzijauskas is one of the most erudite individuals in Lithuania at present, he is an equal to Maceina and Šalkauskis. His words are true and fair.

Grigaravičius Rimantas, general director of Baldų Rojus: Tomas is a great expert for businesses. Listening to a series of his lectures really helps find the key to resolving conflict and controlling emotions.

Andrius T., company director: Tomas Girdzijauskas is the most sought after presenter in the online sales system for educational seminars.

Rasa, businesswoman: I really wanted to thank you for your Riches and Crisis seminar. I really liked your approach, your ability to convince people, make them rethink their priorities, and to allow others to understand that what they are doing is right. It gave me exceptional strength because today’s media hardly ever writes about the positive, and I had almost started to doubt my own common sense. I admired your erudition, multi-faceted approach and consistency. Your belief in what you are doing and your energy is infectious. I read your blog, which is like a boundless sea – from one page to another, from one link to another. I have spoken a lot to my colleagues about your seminar, and we are all very happy to see that you have not left Lithuania, that you have not chosen what seems like an easier path. I have studied business information management and then later completed a master’s degree in international communication, which is why a more global approach is more acceptable to me than a local approach. I live in Lithuania and abroad. I strive to constantly learn new things. In short, thank you once again. I know for sure that I will certainly participate in your next seminar, whatever the topic might be, because it is the presenter’s personality that is important, and what every one of us takes from this experience depends on our abilities and our needs.

Rūta: I attended Tomas’ seminar on relationships between men and women. I have never heard anything more wonderful. It seems that this person carries all the wisdom of the ages with him.

Men’s Club, Vilnius: Evening-lecture-discussion “For Men about Women and Themselves”, 11/2008: I give it 9.5 points – some examples could have been provided. But everything else was superb. This was very useful for me after 10 unsuccessful years of marriage. I came home from the seminar, with the information still fresh, I told my wife about everything (divorce had been filed), her eyes grew wide as saucers… in short, the next day – all was in order :)) I think Tomas saved my family… P. S. It is strange even for me to see what I have written here – hard to believe that this was all that was missing.

9 points. A lot of new and useful information. It is seldom that you get to hear such a thorough presentation. And 10 points for Šarūnas and Aurimas’ comments, which were very timely and simplified everything, i.e., theory was illustrated with practical examples.

Jurga Sakalauskaitė, director of marketing at LITfas, UAB: “Tomas’ seminars always present a point of view that is untraditional, the topics are unexpected, as are the connections he makes. His insight is very valuable. As I listen to Tomas’ lectures, I often ask myself when this young person found the time to accumulate such a unique and boundless amount of knowledge?! Whatever issue you may touch upon, however deeply you delve, it seems Tomas has already been there, studied it and analysed it. Tomas’ style is incredibly unique. He captivates the attention of the audience without using any of the tricks or show business elements that other presenters like to employ. Genuine and honest, he respects every one of his listeners and answers even the silliest questions without any sarcasm or sneering. Tomas’ respect for his audience and his obvious desire to share, inspire and help are admirable.

Tomas, my wife and I would like to express our heartfelt thanks for your great seminar. The information you provided us with confirmed that we have conducted ourselves in life and at work according to the truest of priorities and this gave us a lot of strength. Everyone needs to encounter your wealth of knowledge because these are the fundamentals of life and relationships. I am now 52 years old, and 30 years ago, when I read a booklet entitled On Seven Hills, a summary of Golden Mean rules written by Greek philosophers, it became my principal code for relationships and my system of values. Your research is very deep and indescribably valuable – no numbers could possibly illustrate it. We wish you the best of luck. Sincerely, Salomėja and Vytautas

Antanas Sakalauskas. CRM consultant. OptimusCRM: “Tomas’ seminar about the vein of gold presents an overview of timeless principles of making money.”

Jolanta Mockaitienė, JCI Kaunas: “I like that Tomas is tolerant, he hears everyone out and supports all of the participants in a discussion. I was pleasantly surprised by the range of his interests, his ability to find relationships of cause and effect, his devotion to the subjects he is interested in, and his wholehearted desire to communicate all of this to others.”

Evelina Tamulaitienė, organiser of the JCI Kaunas networking event: “In the name of JCI Kaunas, I would like to thank presenter Tomas Girdzijauskas for presenting his Vein of Gold lecture to our business networking evening at the Kaunas Castle. Tomas was the responsible for coming up with the theme of the evening. The subject was very appropriate for the historical setting of the event at Kaunas Castle. Participants were enthralled by the secrets Tomas uncovered about the search for the vein of gold. We hope that we will have more occasions to hear Tomas speak about the world that surrounds us. Once again, heartfelt thanks goes to Tomas!”

Adrija J., USA: Hmm… I have had the honour of listening to this man’s wise contemplations back in his early youth. It is a pity that our paths diverged, but his philosophy helped me achieve a lot in life. It would be interesting to speak with him now, when we have both reached 40.:-)

Marius P., Lithuania: Thank you for an interesting seminar. Apart from having great content, you are also a great public speaker!

Anonymous: You know, I wanted to say thank you for all the subjects you speak and write about..One aspect might be of interest to you: I kept reading about envy, judgement and so on. And the things I was reading didn’t convince me. I thought that what you had written was fluff. HOWEVER, I started working with an intense program on myself, and it helped me lift some of the envy. I started to physically feel how my envy would switch on and block any energy that I had or could create  AND I realised that I had not understood or felt what you had written because of one simple reason: when a fish is under water, it cannot understand that it is under water. It can only understand water once it has been hauled ashore. When a person is in a state of envy or any other negative emotion, and they have not ever been in a clean state of consciousness/energy, it is difficult to sense the envy, to see yourself from a different perspective… So when somebody says that they do not feel envy, they simply can’t see that they are swimming around in it. Tom, thank you for the work you do. It took me 3-4 years to finally arrive at this understanding… And now I’m thinking, why do I envy you, Tomas? What can I envy? I would like to erase this in my field of information/energy, so I will say that I envy your universal erudition…

Anonymous: If you were to reveal the (actual) value of your work, an entire year of their work would not live up to a day of yours.

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