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In East Europe already locally famous as good lector making lectures in 3 languages. Wide encyclopaedic knowledge and deep in some topics.

His best programs are:

  • 6 seminars series of timeless classics of 20 rules for male female relationship
  • Power of words 30 rules: fundamentals and mistakes of communication
  • Self confidence
  • Courage
  • Depression solutions

Tomas has 20 years experience of teaching
and 10 years of commercial seminars for governement, business and public.
He speaks  3 langages
and learned 12 languages in the past.
Materials he uses for topics are collected from 9 languages,
including 5 old languages.

Few key large areas of expertise:

  1. old, ancient, traditionalist knowledge, cultures and wisdom and religion traditions in original sources (especially Mediterranean and Middle East).
  2. heuristics, creativity, ideation and innovation methods.
  3. Unique and speed learning methods plus a lot of old and modern languages learned

As a result – various complex modern problems resolved in original ways and presented in simple words.

More topics:

  • anger management,
  • family relationships,
  • children education fundamentals,
  • ancient management concepts,
  • somnology and oneirology,
  • modern dating concepts,
  • time management

Approx 80 seminar programs through 20 years of speaking. 15 seminars topics are popular.

Older version

Presenting inspiring and creative teaching contents as webinars, seminars,  

lectures, audio books, publications, round tables, translations, advice and consultations almost 20 years Tomas rocketed as new star presenter and deep thinker in Lithuania and now presents his

inspiring  seminars in London and around a world for international audiences.

Now he writes a long waited book.
In his country he’s also well known as professional generator of original ideas and entrepreneurial projects of national scale. He’s proactive as civic and rises as new paradigm political thinker.
He’s also unique with his whole life autodidactic studies, deep interest in wide range of sciences and encyclopaedic knowledge in myriad of topics. He studied 12 languages including 4 old.
He’s very intellectual and interesting speaker – welcome to listen his words.

Through almost 15 years of active lecturing he made over 700 seminars and lectures.

He’s well known in Lithuania as an interesting public figure, polymath, one of most active leading public speakers. Also he is a writer of press articles and radio host.

Besides that he is an aide of Lithuanian Member of Parliament (who is also a head of political party). He is indirectly engaged in politics of Lithuania, while he’s not a member of any party.

Also Tomas is an initiator and leader of national ideas campaign and civil organization. He started an unique and first of it’s kind in our country national ideas campaign “AšLietuvai” www.aslietuvai.lt (I for Lithuania). Using various wisdom of crowds sourcing and ideation methods collected 4000 solutions for Lithuania’s future and economic growth. From 2010 Tomas works analysing and compressing these ideas and presenting for State authorities, organisations, diasporas and public.

Value of his seminars:

  • unique ideas-concepts and original thinking. He reinvented few world class inventions such as turbosail, ideas campaign and more. He’s long time interested in creativity, ideation and theory and practice of innovations;
  • ability and practice for long speeches on interesting topics;
  • he is renown as very interesting person with astonishing vast knowledge in theory and practice, vast encyclopedic polymathic knowledge in different fields, broad spectrum of interests, very deep in some subjects;
  • from academic point of view he is classical and religious scholar (formally – lifelong autodidactic student); from popular point of view he’s simply a scientist, very good analytic and wise man;
  • few holders of PhD’s evaluated him as having knowledge equivalent of PhD or even higher;
  • knowledge, interests and studies in almost 13 modern and old languages (especially: greek, latin, coptic and hebrew);
  • life and studies in Middle East (mentality and cultures of region);
  • lot of life experience and very different professional fields: space and medical electronic, medicine (work in operating-rooms of osteology and neurosurgery) and pulmonology, scientific publishing, religious hierarchy, talk radio hosting, television special effects and 3D animation, business entrepreneurship, organisational management, floating tanks and sensory deprivation, organisational consulting, consulting of Parliament, running of national ideas campaign, ideation, innovations and creativity;
  • He’s unique by his long and deep autodidactic studies in 7 universities: information technologies, medicine, philology-linguistics, religion and philosophy, management, Middle East studies;
  • Ability to explain complex subjects in very simple words, ability to study and present almost any complex subject or topic;
  • His main method is contrasting of extremely complex and especially modern scientific discoveries and paradigms versus very old science knowledge topics;
  • His focus in religions is Abrahamic and Middle East studies.
  • He has have at least 15 years speaking experience beginning from simple lessons for pupils, talk radio show hosting and up to seminars for staff of political parties, Parliament and diplomatic corpus, audiences up to 500 people and recently started webinars.
  • Like Brian Tracy he covers a lot of different programs/subjects, while approximately 10-15 of seminars are widely popular. Some of the best we prepare for English speaking audiences.


His best seminars are in a vast range of topics.

Core expertise:

  • ideation, creativity and how to generate new ideas;
  • how mind works, brain, sleep and drams; mentality and mind maps, structural aspects of wisdom and understanding;
  • power and control of information, knowledge and words. Communication fundamentals from old and religious sources. Biggest mistakes of speech.
  • management of conflicts, anger and emotions;
  • family, relationships, gender, kids and demography; fix the kids; dating (ancient know how);
  • theology and religion, especially – Middle Eastern and Abrahamic;


Other good topics:

  • personal money management, money 101, plus ancient wisdom about money;
  • organization management fundamentals from ancient, old knowledge sources;

and more, almost 70-100 variuos topics were presented over 15 years.


International appearences

In 2010 Tomas participated in an international conference about family issues organized by Baltic Turkish cultural academy;

Lectures in Riga, Latvia;

Lectures in Odessa, Ukraine.


Personal life

Tomas has 2 grown-up children.


Tomas languages
Through his life he tried 13 languages and actively uses 6 for reading:

English (spoken)
Russian  (spoken)
Lithuanian  (spoken)
Polish (reads/listens, understands)
Hebrew (learning, 30% reads/listens, understands, )
Greek (reads)
and more.

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