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My girlfriend has broken up with me but she wants to have a casual relationship?

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What should a career oriented woman ( who spent 5 years as stay at home mom because of visa issues) do , when it comes to choosing between her family and her much awaited (finally found) career?

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My ldr boyfriend has not texted me from past 2 days as he is angry cox I had objection of him adding his ex on fb ? What should I do ? Even I haven’t texted him for theses days cox m tired of begging him and apologizing for something where it was not my fault?

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My former girlfriend has a new bf but still contacts me on a regular basis. Part of me wants her back, another wants to move on. What should I do?

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Men: Why do some men ghost women after sleeping with them?

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I am scared that I am never going to love anyone like I loved my ex boyfriend again. What should I do?

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How to make a woman happy???

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