Q: I’m 25 and I’m still single. I’m a photo model and fashion designer and I’ve never had serious relationship, had hundreds of dates though .I really want to have a family, I could even give up my job for it.. My question: what does a man look for in a woman?? What does a good, attractive woman have?

A by Tomas Yono: Your job and activities in principle makes you focus on the exterior of the vessel, i. e. attractiveness. But a beautiful vessel is only a half of the picture at best. The vessel has to be used for its original purpose, i. e. holding content. There is an old saying that compares a person to a pot (vessel): after all, while cooking, we primarily focus on the inside cleanliness and beauty of our pots rather than outside. The same applies to people, and in this particular situation, to women. And the internal wellbeing manifests in several senses: the condition of our physical body and skin depends on the food we eat, meanwhile our entire life depends on the thoughts and feelings we produce (generate) inside ourselves.

No matter how hard we try to cleanse our skin, if we bottle up stressful thoughts within ourselves and lead a monotonous life with little physical activity and unhealthy eating habits, our body will keep discharging toxic substances through the skin resulting in unpleasant odor and skin roughness as well as various diseases. What we look like on the outside depends on what we are like on the inside. -Tomas Yono

Therefore, the same rule applies to young women who want to find a good husband and settle down happily with him. It was effectively formulated by a British researcher J.G. Bennett. Women have two basic qualities: attraction and receptivity. If they only focus on their attractiveness by seducing men, these are nothing but vain attempts because by doing so that are being nothing more than an empty box. While communicating with women, men intuitively assess their receptivity, i. e. their essence. It is not sufficient for a man to have a woman who is young, beautiful and attractive. Men who want to start a family are looking for women who are obedient, caring, patient, motherly and gentle, in other words, for someone he can grow old with. Thus men look with suspicion at women who seem to have nothing but physical attraction. If a man starts a conversation with a woman and feels that she is not receptive, he loses interest in her.

Therefore, I would suggest spending proportionally more time developing your inner qualities but at the same time making sure you  maintain your attractiveness which should be maintained not only before getting into a serious relationship, but, more importantly, once you are committed to someone.

You should also be aware that once you commit to a man, it is best if you save your feminine beauty for his eyes (while at home) rather than exposing it for strangers to see, unless it is what your husband wants. Once you are committed to the family, I suggest wearing more modest (but high-quality and health-promoting) clothes while in public and trying not to stand out from the crowd or attract other men’s attention and wearing your best and most attractive garments at home in the presence of your husband.

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