She says that she is not in love with me but won’t mind casual sex.When she is free, she calls me to go for a date and we really enjoy each others company and whenever she feels like, we have sex. This relationship or whatever is left of it is actually about her.She is pretty busy these days actually so she says that things are going to be per her otherwise nothing. But  I just hold on  thinking that she understands that we have love between us that is why enjoy each others company. She is lke when I am with you I am with you. She says that I am free to date other people. She says,she doesn’t know till when this arrangement will go on.Maybe till she finds a job in another city,find another guy or goes for higher studies. She is like I know I might be hurting you but I just want a casual relationship with you. I feel used . When I am with her its so awesome and she agrees to it that when we are together we have a great time but she is like my love / intimacy is no those moments only .She doesn’t feel anything when I am not with her. I feel weak that I don’t have the strength to lose her. I don’t know what to do…



  • when woman says something (especially about relationships) – in most cases it means exactly that, so don’t waste time and power for your own illusions about her words
  • technically speaking dating process laws and rules require that in such situation (or if you are not engaged or married – but it depends on your goals and life plans) you not only can, but you must very actively search and date new women until you’ll find satisfying person who fits most of your requirements, values, goals etc.
  • in a process of search you CAN put this current girl into your list of candidates (or even position her as high priority), but she has to be amongst BIG NUMBER of other candidates! If woman with such attitude is sole one in your list – you make very big, ignorant and naive mistake of dating