My girlfriend and I are in a crisis. Now she asks me to continue our relationship, but I’m not sure about it. What can I do? It is so difficult.

From two months I get worried and anxious cause she usually doesn’t want to have sex. I know, sounds so bad. Anyway, we usually have good time, but when she refuses me we have a fight cause I get sad. She always told me it’s the way she is. Actually the first year together was different, but from a lot of time she got less and less desire of sex. Usually when she got a job she becomes pretty tired and stressed and never want to have sex, not even in her free days.


If gf avoids sex it usually means she lacks energy (giving) from partner (bf). What type of energy – depends on situation, bus usually & typically in such situation gfs want

  • guarantee (and this is an energy) about future, what means she wants enagement (ring).
  • Or she has too much stress in a job, so needs money from bf (which will at least partially release her from job or stress).

Or both