Simple and clear. It’s about priorities:

  1. if you want to have strong relationship and happy wife and family – from the moment you start serious friendship with woman you have to put all other people aside and live as if there are you two alone on whole Universe, meaning that your woman has to be instead of all humanity and only through her you start new life as your offsprings, new relations and so on. Your woman or wife has to be first priority person in your life.

    After you switch your thinking and behaviour to this family model and start new life, secondly:

  2. you can and must to have meetings with your friends men/males at least 1-2 times a week and speak about life and everything with them. Study shows that male brain needs such frequency of meetings with other males to be healthy.
  3. And keep distance from other women except business relationship.

All this works perfectly if you chose right wife (compatible to you) and behave in family in right way.

So your girlfriend asks what every normal usual woman would want, need and ask.

So if you want to make her understand – first of all care about her at first priority and as much as you can. Then she will naturally let you spend your time with friends. But always keep your friends as second priority.