There are well known facts about single male or male without marriage

  • he lives shorter 11 years than married statistically
That’s because he can’t or is not able to look after his physical health in proper way as if his wife would prevent any serious health mistakes.


  • Working 50 hours a week (2,5 times above normal !! ) of Anonymous in this thread and all his explanation is perfect sample case of such scenario – he goes to exhaust of his health as usually single men do.

Main problem with single men is that subjectively they feel very energetic and busy, but objectively they use resources in non effective optimal way, their nervous system burns of activity with risk of burnout. This activity is over exhausting, with too much work than organism is capable to bear.

Usually they loose normal circadian rhythm and balance of work and rest.

And if they marry all these things are optimised relatively quickly only by living together with normal wife.