Very simple. As I know there are main 3 things of healthy lifestyle to know:

  1. minimise stress, control your own nervous system and thinking by learning all best possible wisdom sources in the World and do this every day constantly (including meditate as Andrew Hutner wrote). This will give you motivation and energy to live long. This topic will consist many other recommendations, for example to change circle of people to better one, to change quality of communication with people and so on. Stop worrying (as Ida Wilson wrote). Relocate to better climate place of theWorld if needed, change city to fresh air, water area in country and so on, cloudy to sunny if needed and similar.
  2. Exercise: physical movement, activities and/or sport every day. Choose optimal to you.
  3. Find very good nutrition system and eat healthy foods (as Rohin Manohar wrote) .

If you’ll explore all other formulas – you’ll find all these 3 components.